The Sheffield Centre for Robotics is a collaboration of over 60 academics from very varied disciplines across the two Sheffield Universities.

We are forging strong links between research into new robotic technologies, human-robot interaction, and our understanding of the impact of robotics on human society.

SCentRo is making Sheffield a regional, national, and international hub for research that will develop the robots of the future.

Robotics Technology Biomimetic and
Brain-based robots
At the core of SCentRo is our knowledge/experience with conventional robotics technology such as industrial robotics, mobile robotics, search and rescue and field robotics. SCentRo is collaborating with Bristol Robotics Laboratory to develop animal-like robots with active sensing systems, controlled by models of the systems and circuits in the mammalian brain.
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Human Robot Interaction (HRI) Robotics and Humanities
In addition to remote human robot interfaces, SCentRo includes years of experience with direct ('in-the-field') human robot interaction as well as assistive robotics and robotic machines and aids for rehabilitation. Building on a long tradition of the use of robotics in art and design the centre brings together a collections of artists and designers who are interested in the application of robotics in creative practice and research.
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